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By land or by water, make your backyard your dream town.

As you walk out of your new apartment at Pier 33, you will step onto Wilmingtons famous Riverwalk. With Wilmingtons coastal landscaping and waterfront views of the Cape Fear River make the citys stretching Riverwalk a destination worthy of planning a vacation, or life, around.

Recently selected as one of Trip Advisors Top Destinations on the Rise, Wilmington, NC is a charming reminder of what port cities across the country used to be. Known as the walkable River District, the Riverwalk is lined with locally owned shops, historic buildings like the Cotton Exchange, waterfront restaurants, rooftop views, a local gourmet market and a marina and event pier.
Open-air concerts, a pedestrian and pet friendly downtown with dog friendly restaurants, outdoor seating, upscale and riverside dining, annual festivals and the new Wilmington North Waterfront Park with a 7,000-seat amphitheater run by Live Nation make Wilmington, North Carolina a unique blend of history and innovation.

Pier 33 is proud to bring the citys unique elements of history and advancements to life in your new apartment.

Waterfront living has never been so accessible, or so luxurious as your experience at Pier 33. As you visit Wilmington to experience the dining; nightlife; and shop local and handmade goods like fudge, candles, and clothing, visit Pier 33 to learn how you can easily make life in Wilmington your everyday or vacation life. View Location!